Fuel for Innovation

Exceptional problems need exceptional teams… and those teams need exceptional guidance.

An oncologist with 20 years of experience or a bright entrepreneur fiddling with software, there are many minds that have exceptional potential. Now imagine the potential of a whole team full of these bright minds. These exceptional people have the capabilities to address society’s most urgent problems and challenges, as long as they feel capable to collaborate and function as a team.

It is pure team dynamics!

In the field of innovation or when dealing with exponential change in your work, team dynamics become a crucial part of getting your team to the next level. A team cannot function properly if it is not able to discuss the ‘elephant in the room’ or when it is operating in a psychologically unsafe internal environment, this applies even for a team full of potential or a seasoned executive team.  With a focus on team dynamics, Fuel for Innovation gets experts and professionals to work together so they can become that exceptional team or department.

Fuel for Innovation is a boutique consultancy based in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. Founded in 2019, the consultancy firm consists of a partnership between Azwin Ressang and Frans Cuppen and is specialized in team dynamics, high performance and crucial conversations for clients within innovative industries. Azwin and Frans operate in both Dutch and English.

Build a team that gets even better when faced with challenges.

Fuel for Innovation does not work with standard programs, training or coaching sessions. Although our work is based on proven development formats, every team is unique. That is why it is our approach to dig deep into the current culture and its challenges, sit down with the (executive) team and design a creative process  in order to produce break-through solutions.

Got an exceptional team in need of guidance?