We get energized by clients that do groundbreaking work or need to move their own boundaries because of the exponential changes in the world. Especially in the area of innovation you see teams with on the one hand a solution, but on the other hand also the need to reinvent themselves. We specialize in restoring mutual trust, autonomy and self-confidence. It is the restoration of these abilities which enables our problem solving capacities and stimulates a positive  contribution to society. We do this both on an individual level, within teams and organization-wide.

We work with:

  • Groundbreaking start- and scale-ups that face challenges related to growth
  • Departments or larger organizations that focus on innovation or face exponential and disruptive change
  • Organizations or departments experiencing tensions in the board or management teams
  • Organizations that are mainly operation-focussed and need to re-establish their relevance for the future

Organizations we work with