Crucial conversations Mediator and Facilitator for exceptional team building

“I restore teams. That’s what I do and also what drives me. It is activating the team’s self-healing and self-organizing capacity that energizes me. This is the core of ‘agency’ and also the core of our work. I push for the moment when the team stands up on its own and speaks out. The moment when the team can experience its own power and thinks, ‘We can, we must… AND we will!'” 

How to restore an exceptional team?

Azwin Ressang brings more than 25 years of experience in building exceptional teams. As Partner of Fuel for Innovation, Azwin specializes in the combination of personal- and team development, skill development and crucial conversations in team dynamics. Acting often as a confidant and counselor, Azwin key ability is to introduce and maintain psychological safety within a team and encourage self-insight.

Since 1996, Azwin has been a senior trainer and (executive) team coach. Prior to joining Fuel for Innovation, Azwin served as lead trainer at the Semco Style Institute and as Partner at RedZebra Group where he specialized in (executive) team coaching, leadership development and personal- team- and organizational development. Between 1996 and 2019, Azwin was a partner of EQ Centre for Emotional Intelligence, Faculty member of the Politie Academie, Oxford Leadership Fellow and as senior trainer at de Baak, specializing in high-performance leadership.

After graduating from Nyenrode Business University in 1979, Azwin fulfilled his conscription as an officer for the Dutch Unifil Battalion in Lebanon in 1980-1981.  After initially starting in the IT-sector (1980-90)  Azwin made a switch towards entrepreneurship in International Direct Marketing in the ‘90s

Azwin is the author of the books ‘Emotionele Intelligentie’ (2000) and ‘Het Team in Jezelf’ (2003) and holds certifications in MBTI, Enneagram/Helen Palmer, Best Year Yet, EQi and MCEIT emotional Intelligence testing, CTT Culture Scan and the AEM Cube.

Over the years, Azwin has been able to turn his interest for personal development, consciousness development, meditation and the optimization of worklife into his work. He feels most at home in the areas of societal problems, innovation and exponential change. In his spare time he likes to golf and is a ‘hippie surfer’.

Frans Cuppen (Partner Fuel for Innovation) about Azwin:

“When he enters the room it goes quiet. It becomes a safe space for real conversations without becoming overheated. He knows what it takes to build High Performance Teams and to create space for intrapreneurs”

Got an exceptional team in need of guidance?

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Semco Style Institute

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RedZebra Group


Executive) team coaching, leadership development, programme design

Specialization on personal- team- and organizational development


Oxford Leadership




Police Academy

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De Baak

Senior Trainer, Facilitator and Coach on ‘High Performance Leadership’ and the HPL programme

2000 – 2016


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